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Last year I wanted to send an e-card. I was late mailing a card and it was my sister's birthday on that very day. So I went to the American Greetings site - seemed simple enough. Not so. I wanted to purchase that one card. However, to send even one I needed to sign up for a ONE YEAR membership at $15.00. Or so I thought!

Fast forward to 11/28/2011 and American Greetings charges my card for ANOTHER YEAR. This time for $19.00. Thankfully, I recalled that one e-card I sent and a *** expensive one at that (now costing me $24.00!!).

I promptly contacted American Greetings on line, and after several attempts was able to log-in. I then carefully searched the website - no way to contact them, of course! However, there was a 1-800 number I managed to locate, which I called, and though unable to connect with a human, I was, through an automated system, able to get to a cancellation prompt after about 5 minutes.

Now I need to see if they actually cancel the subscription. They were curteous enought to tell me that I had the ability to use their website until 11/27/2012 since I had already paid for the privelege!!

I know a number of retailers do this - continue to charge you even though you believe it is for a yearly or monthly limit. I admit I did not read all of the fine legalese print, but did eyeball it enough to believe I avoided such a scheme. This has never happened to me before due to my somewhat anal approach to avoiding these schemes, so I can only assume that American Greetings intends to mischaracterize how it charges folks.

In any event, be careful with American Greetings on line and make sure you read the fine print!!

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I have just recently been dealing with this same issue. I used it for one card, which of course needed a subscription, but I did their 1 month option back in April.

I was then charged each month up until now. They are impossible to reach and don't make it easy to cancel. I hope that they lose much business from being such a scam. Hallmark also did the same thing to me.

Hopefully neither charge me anymore. I will not be using either company for anything, including cards in a store, ever again.


I too wanted to cancel my membership and couldn't get them to oblige.


I think they have a good service for the need. I'd prefer to get a paper card in the mail for my birthday but if I forget someone's at least ecards are better than nothing (and much better than just posting happy birthday on their facebook which shows you took NO effort).


The same thing happened to me. After finally reaching the CEO, yes I had to go that far, I got a credit on my CC.

However, they would not remove the charge from the previous year even though I had emailed them three times requesting to be credited within the first mo. of the membership, realizing it did not work for me.

:( No refund for the 11 mo. and did not use it.

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